This section is specifically for those subscribing to the Funding 4 Sport website for a month, three months, six months and annually.

It contains all the funding tools required to help you submit a funding application.

The Funding Streams section highlights the current funding streams available for you to apply for. This includes;

The Funding Questions and Bids section provides you with opportunities to view Example Sports Funding Questions and Answers, whilst the remainder of this section provides a number of example bids for current funding streams that include;

When applying for funding there are many tips, hints, buzz words, do’s and don’ts, as well as jargon you need to be aware of that will help you access funding. The Funding Tips and Hints section will help you to find top tips when applying for funding, Buzz Words you can use on funding bids, examples of what you should be doing when applying for funding and what you should not do when completing a funding bid.  as well as a jargon buster which will help you understand the jargon that is sometimes used in the majority of funding bids.

The Funding – Other section provides you with practical help, web links and documents about other sources of income generation that aren’t grants. These include information regarding;

This section also includes support on how to develop a funding strategy, examples of Sport Club Development Plans/ Delivery Plans and Funding Case Studies.

Before you apply for funding it is important that your bid (depending on the type of bid you are applying for) links into local, regional and national sports related strategies. It is also important that you do your research to identify insight information to support your bid.

The Strategies Section includes;

Whilst the Research and Insight section includes;

The remainder of the ‘subscription’ side of the website includes useful links and helpful documents for those working in sport, play and physical activity.