• E72 - Challenges within sports officiating
    by Loughborough University on 29th May 2024

    Dr Tom Webb, Associate Professor in the Centre for Business in Society at Coventry University, joins Dr Stuart McErlain-Naylor to discuss officiating within sports and the challenges that face referees and other officials across the landscape. Throughout the episode, conversations around the role and purpose of a sports official are centred, alongside the perception of sports officials as athletes, embracing the introduction of technologies such as VAR, and debating what constitutes a successful outcome.Timestamps:0.00-4.30 - Introduction and background4.31-7.49 - How does lack of research affect the representation of sports officials7.50-13.45 - Referee and Sports Official Research Network and further projects13.46-23.50 - Role and purpose of a sports official23.51-27.15 - Embracing and working with technology to officiate27.16-33.00 - Perception of the official as an athlete33.01-36.02 - What does a successful outcome look like? 36.03-40.40 - Errors, re-refereeing and the introduction of VAR40.41-47.47 - Issue of recruitment and retention within sports and solutions47.48-50.53 - Examples outside of sport to improve experience50.54-54.04 - Outro and further work

  • E71 - Spirit of 2012: Legacy of events within sports
    by Loughborough University on 10th May 2024

    Dr Verity Postlethwaite, a doctoral prize fellow at Loughborough University, Ruth Hollis, and Amy Finch join Experts in Sport host Martin Foster to discuss Spirit of 2012 and the legacy of the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games on UK populations.Timestamps:0.00-5.04 - Introduction5.05-8.14 - Formation of Spirit of 2012 8.15-10.43 - Providing opportunities for societal change10.44-14.42 - Catering to different demographics during the event14.43-21.38 - Achievements since 2012 and convening people from different sectors21.39-29.04 - Biggest challenges within the landscape29.05-32.00 - Lasting legacy on the UK population32.01-37.00 - Should every event attempt to achieve societal change37.01-45.35 - Partnerships including Loughborough University and others45.36-47.49 - Advice for future event organiser47.50-49.55 - Conclusion and outros

  • E70 - Racism in Sport: History, culture, and the role of the media
    on 1st May 2024

    Racism is an integral issue in the arena of sport, but how can its history and mediated culture assist in breaking down barriers for athletes moving forward?In this episode of the Experts in Sport podcast, hosted by Martin Foster, Dr Nik Dickerson, from Loughborough University’s School of Sport, Exercise and Health Sciences, features as a guest to discuss the wider issues surrounding racism and its entwinement with masculinity in sport media.Highly contested issues within sport are decoded, including Colin Kaepernick’s explicit protest (taking the knee during the national anthem at an NFL game) to highlight racial injustices facing African American men, as well as incidences of police brutality.

  • E69 - Instrumented mouth-guards and concussion in Rugby Union
    by Loughborough University on 27th March 2024

    Dr Enora Le Flao (Postdoctoral Scholar, The Ohio State University), Dr Lizzy Williams (Senior Lecturer, Sport and Exercise Sciences, Swansea University) and David Powell (PhD student, Swansea University) discuss concussions in Rugby Union and instrumented mouth-guards, which have embedded sensors to measure linear and angular kinematics of the head.Time Stamps:0:00-4:20 Intros4:20-5:09 What is the rationale behind all this?5:09-11:23 How has this been previously done and where are we now?11:23-12:59 Is the mouthguard a replacement for visual monitoring – medical threshold?12:59-14:44 False positives and negatives14:44-17:59 What causes concussion?17:59-22:58 How do the mouth guards work? What are they monitoring?22:58-26:17 Training and workload 26:17-30:25 Sex differences30:25-32:03 Misconceptions and eventual aims32:03-40:00 Further research40:00-42:52 Other sports42:53-46:20 Further information46:20-47:28 Outro and goodbyes

  • E68 - The sports apparel waste problem
    by Loughborough University on 15th March 2024

    Joanna Czutkowna, a Doctoral Researcher at Loughborough University, joins Experts in Sport host Martin Foster to discuss sustainability of the fashion and sport industries and the big problems that future generations will potentially face as a result of waste.Timestamps:0.00-2.30 – Introduction to guest & work2.31-5.32 – Overview of sustainability5.33-6.54 – Issues within the fashion industry6.55-8.54 – Charity shops, markets and clothing waste8.55-13.20 – Sports industry’s contribution13.21-16.51 – UEFA leading the way16.52-21.45 – Scope 3 emissions21.46-24.09 – What are the most sustainable materials?24.10-26.15 – Circular business models26.16-28.28 – Grassroots sport28.29-33.50 – Culture of repair & the modern education system33.51-37.00 – Neurodiversity’s part in sustainability37.01-39.26 – Cricket kitting out39.27-44.52 – Fans & participants facilitating change44.53-45.28 – Outro & goodbyes

  • E67 - Coaching, skill acquisition and virtual reality in sport
    by Loughborough University on 22nd February 2024

    Dr Rob Gray (Associate Professor in Human Systems Engineering at Arizona State University) talks about coaching in sport as well as skill acquisition in baseball and the future of virtual reality in sportTimestamps00:00 - 03:41 - Introduction to guest, background and topic03:42 - 09:49 - What is skill acquisition?09:50 - 14:08 - Consistency vs improvement14:09 - 20:39 - The role of the coach in skill acquisition20:40 - 24:19 - What would a typical study consist of?24:20 - 35:10 - Virtual reality in coaching and skill acquisition35:11 - 41:15 - The variability of the virtual world compared to the real world41:16 - 48:35 - Where is research and coaching going in the next few years48:36 - 51:42 - Where to find out more about the topic in the episode

  • E66 - NFL, the Super Bowl and the future of American football in the UK
    by Loughborough University on 7th February 2024

    Jo Maher (Pro Vice-chancellor for Sport), Lamonte Winston (Head of NFL Academy at Loughborough) and Steve Hagan (Head Coach at the NFL Academy at Loughborough) talk about the NFL Academy, Super Bowl and the future of American football in the UK.Timestamps00:00 - 02:24 - Introductions to guests, topic and backgrounds02:25 - 09:25 - How did the partnership between Loughborough and the NFL Academy start?09:26 - 12:21 - The transferable skills from other sports12:22 - 24:33 - Where are we today with the standard of the NFL Academy?24:34 - 28:59 - When will we see a Loughborough student at the Super Bowl?29:00 - 41:19 - How is the partnership going and what can be achieved in the future? 41:20 - 42:27 - Final thoughts, thank you and goodbyes.

  • E65 - Sport for climate action and nature
    by Loughborough University on 30th January 2024

    Dr Mark Doidge (Reader in Sociology of Sport), Katie Cross (Founder of Pledgeball) and Jenny Amann (PhD student at Loughborough University talk about the impact of climate change on sport.Timestamps00:00 - 06:03 - Introduction to guests, background and topic of the episode06:04 - 09:02 - What is Pledgeball now and how do people get involved?09:03 - 15:06 - Loughborough University's involvement in this topic15:07 - 17:00 - Personal appreciation of the sport and reasons for involvement17:01 - 20:39 - How does Pledgeball attempt to mobilise fans into making climate-related changes?20:40 - 39:54 - What are common pledges and types of pledges39:55 - 51:47 - “I hadn’t realised change is NOT a difficult thing, mobilising football fans on climate change”51:48 - 54:32 - Cultural change in football54:33 - 58:28 - Where is research regarding climate action and nature?58:29 - 01:01:09 - The power of sport to be agents of change, Thank you to the guests and final thoughts

  • What we learnt from our approach to the Together Fund
    on 25th January 2024

    Charlotte Ellis, Ed Montague (both Yorkshire Sport Founation) chat with Kris Mackay (Founder of Growing Circles) about the YSF approach to engaging with community groups as part of the Together Fund.The Together Fund was a continuation of the Tackling Inequalities Fund that was set up in April 2020 as part of Sport England's support package to help the sport and physical activity sector through the coronavirus (Covid-19) crisis.It saw another £20 million of National Lottery funding committed to help the groups disproportionately affected by the pandemic and it was significantly impacting their ability to be physically active.Host: Andy Morgan

  • E64 - AFCON and football development in Africa
    by Loughborough University on 17th January 2024

    Abdul Faisal Chibsah (FIFA High Performance Specialist) talks about the Africa Cup Of Nations (AFCON) and the importance of the development of football in Africa.Timestamps00:00 - 07:52 - Introduction to guest, background, and the topic of the episode07:53 - 16:46 - Africa Cup of Nations and issues of football in Africa16:47 - 22:34 - Talent development in Africa22:35 - 26:17 – Women’s game in Africa26:18 - 41:48 - What infrastructure is being put in place?41:48 - 48:36 - Player pathways48:37 - 52:50 - What does the future of football in Africa look like and which nations are the driving force behind this development?52:51 - 54:40 - Predictions for AFCON54:41 - 55:53 - First African nation to win the World Cup55:54 - 57:55 - Final comments, thank you and goodbyes

  • E63 - Deception in Rugby: The psychology and biomechanics
    by Loughborough University on 13th December 2023

    Dr Laurence Warren-Westgate (Assistant Professor in Sport, Exercise and Health Psychology at the University of Nottingham talks about deception, anticipation, psychology and biomechanics in rugby with host Stuart McErlain-Naylor. Timestamps00:00 - 04:23 - Introduction to guest, background and the topic of the episode04:24 - 08:33 - Anticipation in sport: Why is it important?08:33 - 13:59 - How have anticipation and deception been studied before?14:00 - 19:40 - How do we recreate this in realistic scenarios?19:41 - 28:58 - Why are the successful players looking at certain areas?28:59 - 35:11 - Can you create context-specific actions to lure opponents into traps?35:12 - 41:36 - Are professionals actually better at deception than amateurs?41:36 - 43:06 - Are visual elements the same in both phases of play?43:07- 45:26 - How does bias come into play with deception and interception?45:27 - 47:47 - What is next?47:48 - 49:48 - Links, thank yous and goodbyes from the guest.

  • E62 - Climate change and sport: The situation and changes needed for the future.
    by Loughborough University on 29th November 2023

    Dr Russell Seymour (Senior Enterprise Fellow for the Institute for Sports Business) and Elliott Brown (Sustainability Project Manager at Loughborough University) talk with host Martin Foster about Climate change and its impact on sport and what Loughborough University is doing to help. Timestamps 00:00 - 03:14 - Introductions, Background and context of the episode03:15 - 16:49 - Climate change and its impact of sport16:50 - 30:16 - What strategies are in place and how can sports fans help?30:17 - 40:05 - What has Loughborough done to help this?40:06 - 49:52 - Changing kits every season, Car sharing and how you can help 49:53 - 51:49 - experience of sustainability in sport 51:50 - 55:17 - Thank you, links, final comments and goodbyes 

  • E61 - Anastrozole: What role can diet and exercise play in NHS drug treatment?
    by Loughborough University on 15th November 2023

    Dr Mhairi Morris (Senior Lecturer in Biochemistry at Loughborough University) talks about the new NHS-approved breast cancer drug Anastrozole with Host Martin Foster. They also discuss how exercise and diet can help in preventing breast cancer alongside other topics.Timestamps 00:00 - 07:20 - Introductions to the guest, background and current projects07:21 - 11:29 - Breast cancer: how common is it?11:30 - 16:42 - Prevention: health, exercise and diet16:43 - 21:40 - Anastrozole: the new NHS-approved drug21:41 - 29:51 - How big is the effect of physical activity? 29:52 - 34:27 - Round up, thank you to guest and links for further learning

  • E60 - Optimising athletic performance - lessons from the animal kingdom
    by Loughborough University on 1st November 2023

    Dr Mark Burnley (Senior lecturer at Loughborough University) talks to host Stuart McErlain-Naylor about how the study of animals can aid athlete endurance training alongside other performance parameters. Timestamps 00:00 - 07:49 - Introduction to guest and background in field and research of the subject 07:50 - 14:34 - What is the speed duration relationship?14:35 - 18:55 - Why can we benefit from knowledge from the Animal Kingdom?18:56 - 30:01 - How do we control and measure what animals do? 30:02 - 34:13 - How does motivation become an issue when measuring animals? 34:14 - 43:31 - General trends that have emerged from this research43:32 - 45:19 - Mythbusting on the accumulation of lactate45:20 - 48:33 - How can Animals affect the future of Athletes?48:34 - 51:41 - “Lions don’t warm up in the jungle” - Is there truth behind the saying?  51:42 - 53:41 - Final thoughts, Thank you, links and Goodbyes

  • E59 - Weight loss drugs, behaviour change and weight management strategies
    by Loughborough University on 18th October 2023

    Dr Claire Madigan (Senior research associate with CLIMB: The Centre for Lifestyle Medicine and Behaviour) talks to host Martin Foster about weight loss, the new ‘magic pill’, exercise, what can be done to help people lose weight effectively and healthily without doing more harm than good as well as what needs to be put in place to help lower obesity rates in the UKTimestamps 00:00 - 02:30 - Introductions to guest, background in weight management, PHD and previous work02:31 - 11:23 - The weight loss ‘magic pill’ has it finally arrived?11:24 - 15:28 - Tier 1,2,3,4 and how behaviour change is important to each tier15:29 - 19:57 - Is there a standard model for behaviour change or is it individualised?19:58 - 23:41 - Nutrition, social support and diet, but is exercise the missing ingredient? 23:42 - 25:14 - What does the drug actually do? 25:15 - 27:12 - The starting point of weight loss is nutrition27:13 - 35:40 - How do we stop this becoming an issue?35:41 - 39:10 - What can we do to assist with treatment and prevention of obesity?39:11 - 41:57 - How can we change readily available food to assist with children’s nutrition41:58 - 45:33 - Recap on episode45:34 - 47:04 - Thank you, links and goodbyes  

  • E58 - Golf equipment and how manufacturers and researchers can benefit players
    by Loughborough University on 4th October 2023

    Jonathan ‘Jono’ Shepherd (Head of Performance Research at PING golf) and Doctor Aimee Mears (Senior Lecturer in Sports Technology at Loughborough University) discuss golf equipment, and how manufactures and research can work together to benefit players both expert and amateur with host Stuart McErlain-Naylor.Timestamps 00:00 - 04:19 - Introductions to guests, background in golf and sports technology04:20 - 11:18 - What is the performance research centre and what does it do?11:19 - 21:12 - The interaction between the player and the equipment 21:13 - 28:32 - What technology are being used and how that helps achieve the aims of the industry?28:33 - 30:26 - Variability of human movement or maximum performance 30:27 - 34:56 - Should you based equipment decisions off what the pros use? 34:57 - 37:57 - Speed, accuracy and the sweet spot in golf37:58 - 44:36 - Would golf clubs be different between men and women? 44:37 - 46:18 - How good are people at judging golf equipment for themselves46:19 - 49:14 - Conclusion, links and goodbyes from guests

  • E57 - 'Choking' and performance under pressure in golf
    by Loughborough University on 27th September 2023

    Professor Karl Steptoe (Sport and Performance Psychology Lead) and Professor Denise Hill (Associate Professor in Sport Psychology, Sport and Exercise Sciences) discuss 'choking' and performance under pressure in golf with host Martin Foster. The trio discuss the psychology behind choking as well as ways to manage and prepare for big moments. Timestamps 00:00 - 09:19 - Introductions to Guests, background in Golf and Handicaps09:20 - 13:56 - “The psychology of golf performance under pressure” 13:57 - 24:17 - What is Choking?24:18 - 32:32 - How many people experience choking and is there a way to know?32:33 - 36:53 - Two pathways to choking36:54 - 55:10  - How do we prepare and counter choking?55:11 - 1:00:00 - Final conclusions, thank yous and goodbyes

  • E56 - Training load monitoring in elite sport: Limitations and lessons from medicine
    by Loughborough University on 12th September 2023

    Stuart McErlain-Naylor and Franco Impellizzeri (Sports Coach in Clinical Science and Professor of Sports, Exercise and Science in Medicine at the University of Technology Sydney) talk about the training load training load monitoring in elite sports, the limitations of this as well as the lessons that can be taken from medicine to assist the development of knowledge in this area.Timestamps:00:00 - 04:23 - Introductions and career background of our guest 04:24 - 14:10 - What is training load?14:11 - 19:47 - How is this currently being applied in elite sports settings?19:48 - 25:42 - Will coaches use this in real time to advance training sessions?25:43 - 29:11 - What are the current limitations with how load limitations are being used now?29:12 - 34:50 - What should future studies do differently? 34:51 - 42:25 - How would this research be done in other fields and what can be learnt from that?42:26 - 45:15- How can we improve the dialogue between academic and practise of sport science?45:16 - 53:00 - Where do you see train load monitoring in the next 5 years?53:01 - 53:44 - Outro

  • E55 - Sport in the Metaverse
    by Loughborough University on 30th August 2023

    Aaron Smith (Director of Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Loughborough University) and Ben Shields (Senior Lecturer in Managerial Communication at MIT Sloan School of Management) sit down with host Martin Foster to discuss the Metaverse, as well as its impact on the future of sport. Timestamps: 00:00 – 04:01 Introduction and career background on our guests 04:02 – 12:54 What is the Metaverse? 12:55 – 23:41 The evolution of the Metaverse 23:42 – 29:26 Development opportunities for "Sportiverse" 29:27 – 46:46 How it may impact the business, performance and fan experience 46:47 – 50:45 Potential issues & how they should be tackled 50:46 – 99:99 Episode recap and conclusion 

  • E54 - The future of women's sport
    by Loughborough University on 15th August 2023

    Sue Anstiss (alumna, founder and CEO of Fearless Women) sits down with host Martin Foster to discuss the future of women’s sport, putting great emphasis on women’s football. She tackles the prevalent exclusion and inequality women may face within the field and argues for the increase of equity before reflecting on how it may evolve in the next 10 years.  Timestamps: 00:00 – 03:54 Introduction and career background on our guest 03:55 – 10:24 The driving factors of women’s sport 10:25 – 19:44 The impact of primary school PE programs 19:45 – 29:36 Female exclusion and inequality in sport environments 29:37 – 36:47 Necessary elements towards the further growth of women’s sport 36:48 – 42:13 The future of women’s sport – equality vs equity 42:14 – 44:49 Episode recap and conclusion 

  • E53 - Injury prevention and management in women's football
    by Loughborough University on 9th August 2023

    Dr Katrine Kryger (medical researcher at FIFA) sits down with host Martin Foster and co-host Rebecca Sawiuk to discuss the occurrence and prevalence of injuries in women’s football, tackling all factors that may affect the risk level, as well as how facilities and equipment impact performance. Timestamps:00:00 – 01:26 Introduction & background into our guest 01:27 – 10:42 The prevalence of women’s injuries in sport 10:43 – 21:42 Factors that affect the level of injury risk 21:43 – 39:43 The impact of facilities and football boots 39:44 – 42:23 Adapting the design and size of the football 42:24 – 47:40 Injury prevention and future research 47:41 – 50:15 Episode recap and conclusion 

  • E52 - The rise of diversity in women's football
    by Loughborough University on 2nd August 2023

    Aditi Chauhan, professional footballer and Loughborough alumna, sits down with host Martin Foster to discuss her experience and career journey, her time at Loughborough University, as well as diving into the evolution of women’s football and the rise of diversity in sport in recent years. Timestamps:00:00 – 07:38 Introduction & background on our guest 07:39 – 11:47 Aditi’s time at Loughborough 11:48 – 23:40 The evolution of women’s football & the contrast between the UK and India 23:41 – 31:45 Inequality within women’s football 31:46 – 39:24 The future of women’s sport in India 39:25 – 45:54 The rise of diversity in sport 45:55 – 48:24 Episode recap and conclusion 

  • Navigating Local Systems: A mini-revolution in Wakefield
    by Andy Morgan on 31st July 2023

    The Navigating Local Systems (NLS) work began in the autumn of 2019 and sits alongside the work of Sport England's Local Delivery Pilots. This episode focuses on that work in Wakefield.NLS helps people and organisations to better understand and connect local systems through developing their knowledge, skills and capacity to drive the change needed to increase physical activity within local communities where the need is the greatest. We go through the approach taken so far:·         Doing things differently·         Positivity and energy building·         All leading together·         We're more connected·         Learning new skills and approaches together·         Collaboration is importantGuestsLouise Upton, Strategic Lead, Place Collaboration and Learning Team, Sport England Amy Sharp, Health Improvement Manager, Wakefield CouncilKen Masser, Miova Gayle Elvidge, Development Manager (Wakefield), Yorkshire Sport Foundation.ResourcesSport England - Local Delivery: https://www.sportengland.org/funds-and-campaigns/local-delivery Navigating Local Systems: Test and learn approach to system change - https://cloa.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2021/03/Final-Navigating-Local-Systems.pdf

  • E51 - Building a positive coach-athlete relationship
    by Loughborough University on 26th July 2023

    Sophia Jowett (Professor in Psychology) and Rebecca Sawiuk (Former Director of Football) sit down with host Martin Foster to discuss the importance of building a positive coach-athlete relationship, as well as its impact on performance. Timestamps: 00:00 – 04:43 Introduction and background information on our guests 04:44 – 14:18 The evolution of coaching 14:19 – 23:42 The dynamic difference between men’s and women’s football 23:43 – 27:44 Women in football “breaking the concrete ceiling”  27:45 – 39:42 The main traits of a good coach-athlete relationship 39:43 – 43:08 What coaches can do to improve the relationship  43:09 – 53:38 Psychological safety within coaching 53:39 – 56:00 Episode recap and conclusion 

  • E50 - 19 years of biomechanics research into elite cricket bowling
    by Loughborough University on 19th July 2023

    Mark King (Loughborough Professor of Sports Biomechanics) sits down with host Stuart McErlain-Naylor to discuss his 19 years of elite Cricket Bowling Biomechanics research.  Timestamps: 00:00 – 03:39 Intro & background information on our guest 03:40 – 09:30 Attributes of fast bowling 09:31 – 17:26 Biomechanics testing sessions & beginners vs elite athletes 17:27 – 23:21 Putting research findings into practice 23:22 – 28:53 Techniques & avoiding injury 28:54 – 33:15 “Chucking” in fast bowling 33:16 – 35:29 AI & the future of elite cricket biomechanics 35:30 – 38:23 Episode recap & conclusion 

  • Well Schools S5, E11 - School Sport Report 2023
    by Youth Sport Trust on 10th July 2023

    On this week’s episode, we learn the about the state of play around PE, School Sport & Physical Activity and how it can have a positive impact on young people’s happiness, health and connectedness. PE & School Sport Report: https://www.youthsporttrust.org/media/5bcgx4kh/yst_pe_school_sport_report_2023_final_revd.pdf Well Schools Book Club: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Invisible-Women-Exposing-World-Designed/dp/1784706280/ref=asc_df_1784706280/?tag=googshopuk-21&linkCode=df0&hvadid=256266022931&hvpos=&hvnetw=g&hvrand=4054888948194282977&hvpone=&hvptwo=&hvqmt=&hvdev=c&hvdvcmdl=&hvlocint=&hvlocphy=9046539&hvtargid=pla-886826816787&psc=1&th=1&psc=1 You can join the Well Schools Movement, completely free, here: www.well-school.org Follow Well Schools on twitter to find out about exciting new opportunities to connect, collaborate and compare, plus, resources and events coming in the future: @well_schools Thank You to our founding supporter, Youth Sport Trust, who work through physical education & sport, bringing together communities of educators and equipping them with the training, practical tools and resources to achieve more for every child. Find out more about their excellent work here: www.youthsporttrust.org.

  • E48 - National Rehabilitation Centre: Exoskeletons and rehabilitation technology
    by Loughborough University on 4th July 2023

    Dr Michael Craven (Principal Research Fellow at the University of Nottingham) sits down with host Martin Foster to discuss his research into rehabilitation technology, diving into the use of exoskeletons in musculoskeletal rehabilitation, as well as sharing future development plans for the NRC. Timestamps: 00:00 – 01:58 Introduction & career background information on our guest 01:59 – 09:46 Access to Communication and Technology (ACT) 09:47 – 18:16 Musculoskeletal rehabilitation technology 18:17 – 27:18 The use of exoskeletons in rehabilitation 27:19 – 33:54 Future NRC development and research 33:55 – 37:40 Episode recap and conclusion 

  • E47 - National Rehabilitation Centre: The development of the NRC
    by Loughborough University on 4th July 2023

    Professor Mark Lewis (Dean of the School of Sport, Exercise and Health Sciences), Pip Logan (Director of Research and Knowledge Exchange – University of Nottingham), and Miriam Duffy (NRC Programme Director) sit down with host Martin Foster to discuss the development of the National Rehabilitation Centre (NRC), detailing its clinical benefits, facilities, as well as its long-term impact in the world of rehabilitation. Timestamps: 00:00 – 01:04 Introduction & career background information on our guests 01:05 – 11:05 NRC & its development 11:06 – 25:16 Collaboration, research and innovation 25:17 – 30:16 The clinical benefits 30:17 – 38:10 NRC facilities 38:11 – 42:05 The long-term impact of the centre 42:06 – 46:04 Episode recap and conclusion 

  • E49 - National Rehabilitation Centre: Enhancing prosthesis using 3D printing
    by Loughborough University on 4th July 2023

    Dr Anna Lion (Research Fellow of Faculty of Engineering at the University of Nottingham) and Professor Richard Bibb (Professor of Medical Applications of Design) sit down with host Martin Foster to discuss the Rehabilitation Technologies Network, as well as the development of technology to enhance rehabilitation devices using 3D printing and how it fits within the NRC.Timestamps: 00:00 – 01:39 Introduction & career background information on our guests 01:40 – 13:27 The Rehabilitation Technologies Network & Research benefits of the NRC 13:28 – 18:26 Network workshops and projects 18:27 – 29:43 Obstacles, collaboration, and 3D-printed prosthetics 29:44 – 47:49 The potential and future of enhancing prosthesis using 3D printing 47:50 – 53:06 Episode recap and conclusion 

  • E46 - Improving global child health and nutrition
    by Loughborough University on 28th June 2023

    Paula Griffiths (Professor of Population Health) and Emily Rousham (Professor of Global Public Health) sit down with host Martin Foster to discuss their research, focusing on the health and nutrition challenges that lower and middle-income countries experience. Alongside their international research partners – Dr Elizabeth Kimani-Murage and Rossina Pareja-, they tackle two recent projects in Kenya and Peru, detailing the impact of their work with the World Health Organization (WHO). Timestamps 00:00 – 07:25 Intro & research background on our guests 07:26 – 22:44 Research project in Kenya – Paula and Elizabeth 22:45 – 41:53 Research project in Peru – Emily and Rossina 41:54 – 47:14 Future research plans 47:15 – 49:56 Episode recap and conclusion