There are many organisation, charities and governing bodies that distribute large amounts of funding each year to sports related organisations such as clubs, schools, local authorities and community groups. These funders distribute both capital and revenue grants that will pay for equipment, sessional staff, hire of premises, transport hire and festivals and events. A lot of this funding is national and regional funding, however, there is also quite a lot of local funding that can be accessed.

Whatever your knowledge within the sports industry Funding 4 Sport will provide a combination of products that will help you deliver a better service to the communities and sports in which you work, whilst providing the necessary tools to enable you to access funding to deliver these services.

Although some of the information within this site can be found by searching through numerous web-sites, we have tried to create a site where you can access everything you need through a one-stop shop that will either provide you with the necessary tools and documents you require or signpost you to the necessary websites that will provide you with the information you need.

This product range will give you the practical help you really need, and is delivered through a package of tools (overviews and templates) that assist grant seekers to develop their project and prepare themselves or their organisation for bid submission.

The products and services we offer vary between downloadable links and information to our package of example templates, documents, policies and procedures.

If you would like us to undertake some consultancy work for your organisation whether this be delivering workshops, advising you on sports funding, supporting you to write successful funding bids or obtain sponsorship, develop a range of templates, documents, policies or procedures or anything else that we could support you with, please contact us.