Sports Specific Strategies

There are over 46 funded Sport England Sports as well as a number of national and regional sports organisations, with a multitude of strategies and objectives, which cover the whole spectrum of sport and physical activity. Funding 4 Sport have provided a number of examples of sport specific strategies below:

English and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) Strategic Plan 2014-2017

The England and Wales Cricket Board strategic plan – Champion Counties – is designed to build on the outstanding success of the 2005 plan – Building Partnerships – and the subsequent 2009 initiative – Grounds to Play.

It seeks to deliver successful England teams at all levels, to produce a vibrant domestic game as well as increasing and enthusing participation during the period 2014-17.

To view the ‘Counties Champions’ Strategic Plan please click here.

 Football Association (FA) Strategic Plan 2015 – 2019

The Football Association national game strategy for participation and development will see the largest investment in grass roots football ever, with £260M invested into local, regional and national projects to get more people playing football more often.

The strategy focused on four key areas; boosting participation, developing better players, better training facilities and football workforce.

To read the full FA strategy 2015-2019 please click here.

Lawn Tennis Association (LTA) Strategic Plan 2015-2018

The Lawn Tennis Association has recently produced a new strategy which looks to get more people playing tennis more often. The LTA would like to use a valued based approach to enrich people’s lives through tennis participation. This strategy builds on the Sport England ethos that sport and physical activity has more benefits than simple participation.

To read the summary of the LTA strategic plan 2015-2018, please click here. 

The Rugby Football Union (RFU) Strategic Plan 2013-2017

The RFU strategic plan seizing the opportunity would like to see Rugby as one of the UK’s strongest sports with participation at the highest level of all time.

The RFU strategy has five key priorities; modern grand and fine reputation, increased revenue for the game, rugby for everyone, securing success and the most inspiring Rugby World Cup ever.

To read the full RFU Strategic Plan 2013-2017 please click here.

If you would like to see any of the other 42 sports strategic plans, or would like support in locating specific sport strategies pleases contact [email protected]