The Active People Survey produced by Sport England is the largest ever survey of sport and active recreation to be undertaken in Europe. The survey provides by far the largest sample size ever established for a sport and recreation survey and will allow levels of detailed analysis previously unavailable. It identifies how participation varies from place to place and between different groups in the population.

The survey also measures; the proportion of the adult population that volunteer in sport on a weekly basis, club membership, involvement in organised sport/competition, receipt of tuition or coaching, and overall satisfaction with levels of sporting provision in the local community. The questionnaire was designed to enable analysis of the findings by a broad range of demographic information, such as gender, social class, ethnicity, household structure, age and disability.

The Active People Survey was first conducted 2005/6. You can see the headline results for the most recent Active People Survey, including data on national figures, regional figures and for specific sports by clicking here.

The Active People Survey covers a multitude of useful themes, including:

  • Once-a-week participation by key demographics
  • Latent demand
  • Once-a-week participation by region
  • Analysis of club membership and the number of people taking part in competitions and receiving coaching.


You can use the ‘Interactive Tool’ to find all of the relevant details of participation in sport in your local area by clicking here.