Funding Streams

There are thousands of funding sources available to community sports clubs, schools and not-for-profit organisations that distribute varying amounts of funding each year to support sport and physical activity.

Funding is mainly distributed through grants and is a means of providing financial assistance to organisation’s who are dependent on these grants to continue the work they do or in helping them set up new projects.

You can find a comprehensive list of up to date funding streams by clicking here.

The difficultly for many organisations is picking the ‘right’ funding stream for their project. Here at Funding 4 Sport we want to make this as easy and hassle free as possible for you, while also increasing your chances of success. Therefore, below you we will find a description of ‘capital’ and ‘revenue’ funding, and what types of projects are relevant to them.

Capital Funding – In sport funding terms this usually relates to the refurbishment or purchase of facilities or land, but can also include the purchase of essential transport, legal or professional fees and plant equipment required to run/manage facilities.

Revenue Funding – In sport funding terms this usually refers to the costs associated with running a programme or facility, and therefore can be much broader than capital funding. Revenue funding includes: coaching fees, hiring fees, sports specific equipment, marketing, project staff, rent, electricity among many other outgoings.

We have made it really easy for you to find funding streams that match your project outcomes. We have created tables which list funding streams, but we have taken the time to sort them into the handy targeted funding documents:

Now it couldn’t be easier to find a funding stream that suits your needs and demands.