Sport Wales ‘Be Active Wales Fund’ aims to protectprepare and progress community sport clubs and organisations in Wales through the Covid-19 pandemic and into the future.

Split into 3 grants these include:

1. Protect Grants

To help protect clubs and community organisations or groups that are at immediate financial risk as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.

This grant is intended to help organisations that are unable to meet their financial obligations because of Covid-19. For example, to cover fixed costs (e.g. rent and utility) that are no longer supported with revenue.

Protect grants of £300-£5,000 are available for emergency support

2. Prepare Grants

To help prepare clubs and community organisations in direct response to Covid-19.

This grant is designed for restarting sport and activity or growing participation.

Prepare grants of £300-£50,000* are available.

*For grants over £5,000, you will need to make a 15% contribution (from the club’s own funds or grants from elsewhere).

N.B. This is not a general development grant – applications must be in direct response to Covid-19.

3. Progress Grants

To help progress sport and activity to the next step and support long-term sustainability.

This grant is intended to help clubs and community organisations:

  • Tackle inequality
  • Create long-term solutions to be more sustainable
  • Take innovative approaches

Grants of £300 – £50,000* are available.

* You will need to make a contribution of 10% for grants over £10k or 20% over £25k.

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