Article 7 – Just do it! …or don’t do it… time for action?

Lesson 7: IMPLEMENTATION. What you have done above is create a strategy… decided what you want and how/where to get it. Now think about WHO is going to do WHAT… Who is going to do applications, the fundraising events, etc… Start allocating tasks and deadlines to make sure things get done on time!

This is the hard part! But remember your club is supposed to be fun! Keep enjoying it – there are lots of pressures out there to be professional, to make more money, etc…. but why? What is your club all about? Do you enjoy it and do OTHERS (more importantly!) enjoy the membership and services provided by your club?

But ok, so you have a strategy and WANT to implement it. It is a simple case of making sure all tasks have some RESPONSIBLE for them… best to get people to volunteer rather than randomly allocate as people will lean towards what they are interested in and are more likely to do a good job but this doesn’t mean you can’t DISCUSS who would be BEST SUITED to a job/task!

And DON’T BE AFRAID to ask for outside help – if you haven’t got the expertise in your club – think where and who does have it and approach them. A quick email, phone call or knock on someone’s door… Do check out your local university… quite often students are looking for volunteering opportunities or there may be a class that can look at an issue/problem for you as part of their modules/coursework… but if you don’t ASK you don’t GET!!

And finally, you may look back over your strategy now and realise you have to change/tweak a few things because when it comes to actually implementing this, you are stuck! OK, all good strategies evolve with the organisation’s needs and you are no different!

Good luck and I hope you have enjoyed our guide through the funding galaxy – more articles to follow on the SECRETS OF A SUCESSFUL SPORT CLUB!!