Funding 4 Sport, have a partnership with to help you to find and manage more sponsorship.

Recently SNAP Sponsorship have posted some of their success stories.

For example, Woodbridge Cricket Club signed up after connecting with SNAP at the 2023 Suffolk Cricket Roadshow. Club Secretary, Scott Button, said:

“We’re using SNAP to raise our revenue. We’ve raised just under £1,500 in four weeks!”

To view their success story click here: SNAP: In Conversation With Woodbridge Cricket Club (

Another example of this is Clanfield FC who has raised £5,500 in six months,

To view their success story click here; SNAP: In Conversation With Clanfield Football Club (

There is also a short demo video which explains the system, you can watch it here:

If you decide to join, we have a 20% discount code which you can use when signing up: “Funding 4 Sport”