Research conducted across disability groups has revealed that participation in sport and physical activity leads to improved levels of physical health and well-being. It has also been linked to improvements in self-confidence, social awareness and self-esteem and can contribute to empowerment of people with disabilities.

However, the World Health Organisation estimates that six hundred and fifty million people live with disabilities of various types, and the number is increasing due to the rise of chronic diseases, injuries, falls, and other causes such as ageing. Of this total, 80% live in low-income countries; most are poor and have limited or no access to basic services, including rehabilitation facilities.

In England the idea of people with a disability being able to participate in sport and physical activity is not so uncommon and there are many opportunities that exist at the grassroots level through to elite competition for people with a disability to showcase their abilities in the domain of sport and physical activity.

There are many Sports Organisations that support people with disabilities in sport to enable them to participate in sport at grassroots level through to elite participation.

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