It is important that all organisation that deliver sport have policies and procedures in place to deliver activities safely and equitably. Funders will not fund organisations that don’t have the following policies and procedures in place;

With these policies and procedures in place organisation have the necessities in place to apply for funding.

If your organisation is successful in applying for funding you may find that you are working with a range of partners in various facilities. It is important that when working with partners or undertaking activities within facilities that you set up a Service Level Agreement (SLA) with your partners or the facility provider. Although this is not essential it is advisable as any accident or incident within a facility or by a partner may lead customers/ participants to seek who is responsible and expect action. In some cases accidents or incidents may be serious enough that the customers/ participants may look for compensation. Without a SLA in place this could lead to you or your organisation being blamed for something that you or your organisation was not responsible for but can not prove.

To look at example SLA’s please click on the SLA page; Service Level Agreements