Project Description

Treeton Memorial Community Centre and Playing Fields: Equipment Storage Facility and Score Box

Treeton Memorial Community Centre and Playing Fields wanted to build a machinery/equipment storage facility that would include provisions for a scoreboard and score box. The existing storage consisted of steel containers which were unsuitable for the current and future ground maintenance requirements.

Why was it needed?

The Charity had a good team of volunteers using second hand and loaned machinery. These machines were kept in several steel containers which were unsuitable due to a lack of space and the problems with condensation which seriously affected the performance of the machinery and ruining the equipment, fertilizers and netting stored within them (see photo’s).

The new storage facility would not only ensure that the existing facilities survived but also enable them to develop new sporting facilities on land owned and accessible to the Charity.

What difference would it make?

The new facility would enable the Charity to have a storage facility that would store current and new machinery and equipment. It would be essential for the charity in enabling future ground maintenance to be carried out and to develop the existing piece of land on their site into football/cricket pitches and then maintain these new pitches, helping them to attract new participants.

How did they make it happen?

The Charity contacted Funding 4 Sport to re-write a previous Sport England Inspired Facilities application that had been successful. Funding 4 Sport re-wrote this application and was successful in getting the Charity £46,620.

Keith Haynes, Chairman of Trustees said “This funding will make a big difference to the Charity, the clubs that use our playing fields and the local community. We are grateful to Sport England for funding us, and to Funding 4 Sport for writing such a good application for us.’

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