Project Description

Snainton Cricket Club: Double Bay Cricket Net Practice Facility

Snainton Cricket Club wanted to install a new Double Bay Cricket Net Practice Facility with security fence. They wished to install this to replace the clubs old net practice facility which was in disrepair and has been condemned due to being unsafe.

Why was it needed?

The Club was in desperate need of the double bay cricket net practice facility since the existing net facility was condemned in 2012. This was due to it becoming dangerous and unfit for use making it unsuitable for cricket coaching/ practice (see left). Prior to being condemned the club was seeing an increase in players/ members, however since being condemned it has seen a decline in our membership.

What difference would it make?

The proposed new facility would revitalise their club by attracting new members and users, whilst helping to keep their existing members and users, by ensuring that practice and coaching sessions could take place in a safe environment.

How did they make it happen?

Snainton Cricket Club had already applied twice to Sport England for the Double Bay Net Facility and were desperate for this practice facility but felt they had now got to a stage where they needed support in writing this application. After speaking to us the club asked Funding 4 Sport to re-write their application to Sport England to Inspired Facilities. We re-wrote them an application £49,681 which was successful. The club has now had the Double Bay Facility installed which you can see from the photos looks fantastic.

In a press release for North Yorkshire Sport, Sport England Property Director, Charles Johnston, said: “The Inspired Facilities Fund has had a huge impact on grassroots sport across the country. Since 2011, we’ve invested £94 million into more than 1,800 projects to improve and refurbish sports clubs and transform non-sporting venues into vibrant community sports clubs.

“It’s great to see Snainton Cricket Club join the long list of successful clubs to benefit from this fund.”

As part of the same press release, Club Chairman, Clive Watson, said: “We are delighted to have secured this investment, which means we can upgrade the quality of our facilities. It is the cornerstone of our Club Development Strategy to have outstanding Club facilities, which in turn will help with practice and coaching sessions and also encourage youngsters to participate and remain in the sport”

Local MP, Robert Goodwill, said: “This investment by Sport England is excellent news for Snainton Cricket Club. Yorkshire Cricket is on the up with our County Team champions this year. Local Club Cricket gives our grass roots players the chance to develop and I know Snainton will put this award to good use”

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