“The Funding 4 Sport website will be an extremely useful resource for students at Bournemouth University studying our Sports degrees. The website has brought together an extensive number of resources to help our students in areas including sports coaching, event management, sports management, sports development, and health and fitness. Having a single site where all these areas are drawn together and which students are able to access documents which will support their development and practice in the sports industry will, I am sure, prove invaluable to them. While including resources which conform to national standards such as Club Mark the inclusion of international resources means that there is a global flavour to practice in the sporting industry.”

Keith Parry
Programme Leader for the BSC Sports Coaching & Development programme, Bournemouth University

“Funding for Sport offers a great one-stop shop of resources for volunteers, sports development officers, clubs and National Governing Bodies. The website has brought together information from a number of credible resources saving valuable time searching through the internet. The site contains everything you can imagine and more.”

Stuart Rogers
Partnership Development Officer – NGB Liaison and Talent Development, South Yorkshire Sport

“Funding 4 Sport is a great service for sports organisations looking to attract partnerships and income to help them develop their services and enterprises.”

Svend Elkjaer
Sports Marketing Network

“The funding4sport web site is a fantastic resource providing a range of tools and templates saving time for busy third sector organisations delivering play, sport and physical activity.”

Mark Wilde
Chief Executive Foxhill Forum and Wolfe Road Healthy Living Centre

“Funding4sport is an extremely helpful website. To have so much information in one place makes researching funding sources a lot easier.”

Katie Monsey
MK Ace Tennis

“Since Bury FC Juniors have been a funding4sport member, we have had access to valuable information that has aided in progressing our club further. We would definitely recommend www.funding4sport.co.uk to any sports club”

Tony Crosbie
Chairman of Bury FC Juniors

Below are testimonials from people that have worked with Richard Sutcliffe, the Director of Funding 4 sport;

“Richard is an inspiring leader; committed to the development of his team both within the organisation and personally. A strong manager, he is not afraid to deal with issues. He always acknowledges a job well done, supports and challenges weakness where identified.

His entrepreneurial skills have secured not only much needed community activities but also external funding to support the projects. He is a competent fund-raiser, able to manage a spectrum of different activity and projects easily. His strategic planning and business and organisational development always ensures a forward thinking, bigger picture approach. He is a knowledgeable manager that keeps his finger on the pulse regarding new and developing trends and ideas.

An effective communicator, Richard has an eye for detail, the commitment to do well and the passion to succeed.”

Diane Hardiman
Regional Programme and Development Manager, Play England

“Richard has a wealth of experience working in the field of sport, play and physical activity. He has an extremely good knowledge of funding streams and has been very successful in drawing down large amounts of funding from various sources to develop a whole host of projects.”

Gary Clifton
Major Sports Events and Programme 2012 Manager, Sheffield City Council