Whether for active participation as a leisure sportsperson, or passively following as a spectator of sporting events, for many people sport is their favourite leisure activity. At the same time, the public’s interest in sport and their consumer behaviour receives massive stimulation from professional top-level sport. The latter in turn can only develop from the provision of a diverse and high-quality range of services and infrastructures for sport at the mass participation level. Accordingly, sport has become a growing factor in Europe’s economy and society.

Over recent years, sport as an industry has been particularly receptive to new developments in technology and analytics. Wearable technologies have diversified, both at a professional sports science level and in the consumer fitness market. Teams and sporting bodies have worked to make their stadiums more connected, with all major new stadiums now being built with this in mind. Virtual Reality has come a long way in terms of real world applications, with a number of training programs that utilise the technology to put athletes in situations that are otherwise unachievable in an ordinary session. Major broadcasters have continued their battle against illegal streaming services; and analytics teams have continued to embed what they do into every area of their organisations.

Space assets and satellite technologies can offer added value to the sports business and can increase its capabilities in a number of ways.

Space4Sport Kick-Start is offering funding and support up to 60k euros per activity (topic). The Tender process opens on 21st May 2019, with the deadline 1st July 2019.

Topics of relevance include;

  • Sports Tourism and Fan Engagement.
  • Sports Facilities
  • Sports Equipment and Vehicles
  • Athlete Endorsement
  • Sports Coaching
  • Sports Medicine
  • Animals and their Upkeep

To find out more click here; https://business.esa.int/funding/invitation-to-tender/space4sport-kick-start