Sport England’s new pledges to support youth social action

Many young people are passionate about improving lives through social action – and Sport England are making five pledges to support them.

From volunteering and fundraising for local projects, to community campaigning, social action is a powerful tool.

Millions of people already give something back to their community through sport every week. And by taking part in volunteering projects, young people are realising their own potential and doing wonders for their communities.

Sport England are making some key pledges to our partner #iwill – the social action charity for 10-20-year-olds.

Sport England pledges are:

  • Match the 1.5 million invested through the #iwill fund through their Potentials Fund to support youth social action
  • Inspire and support their partners to adopt the six principles of youth social action into their work
  • Share insight on social action and join the conversation about how to drive excellent experiences for volunteers and recipients
  • Actively celebrate young people who lead social action and recognise their contribution to both themselves and the community
  • Act as an ambassador for the #iwill campaign and encourage their partners to help grow youth social action.

Sport England’s support of the #iwill fund is part of a three-year partnership linked back to the joint investment announced between the Government and the Big Lottery Fund.

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