The Pacemakers

Pacemakers is a film about an amazing group of senior athletes, who at 90+ are competing to be world champion sprinters in the Olympics for OAPs.

Several of the senior athletes in the film effectively harness their athleticism to improve their quality of life and alleviate symptoms associated with chronic health conditions. For instance, Hugo Flores Delgado is using physical ability to overcome dementia; Charles Eugster is rebuilding muscle so he is less likely to fall over and suffer injury.

The film’s director, Selah, was first inspired to make this film after she saw the health of her grandma Jean deteriorate rapidly. She found a film online of 95 year old Charles Eugster, running the 200 metre sprint, and showed it to her grandma. Charles’ remarkable determination motivated Jean to get fit and healthy again. Selah had to meet him. After hearing of his dream to become a world champion sprinter she decided to document the journey, culminating in a short film which has just been shortlisted for the UK’s most important documentary award.

Right now, Selah is travelling around the world filming eight senior athletes as they train for the World Masters Athletic Championships in Australia later this year.

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