Women in Sport – Changing the game for girls: in action report published

Women in Sport releases the findings of a two-year project aimed at improving the provision of PE for girls in schools. Changing the Game for Girls: In Action makes tried and tested recommendations that are now being applied in schools across the country, to provide a solution to the alarmingly low levels of girls’ playing sport.

Only 7% of girls currently meet the government recommendations for physical activity and a third of girls age 12-15 in England are classified as overweight or obese. Now, within weeks of plans being announced to fund more sport in schools through a tax on sugary drinks, Changing the Game for Girls: In Action shares tested strategies on how best to address these shocking figures.

Funded by the Department of Health, the new research aims to inspire girls to take part in and enjoy sport at school, developing a positive relationship with sport from a young age as a long term, effective way to stay healthy throughout their adult lives.

Nearly 2 million fewer women than men take part in sport at least once per week and, finding from their study in 2012 that this gender gap between girls and boys playing sport begins to open at around age 8 – much earlier than previously thought – Women in Sport developed and piloted new approaches and interventions for girls at 25 schools across England.

The findings in our report highlight the importance of allowing girls to help shape sports programmes more effectively to their needs, and to express their motivations and ideas, thus improving participation. This is most often achieved by establishing a way to capture the girls’ voices and working with the girls directly.

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