Funding 4 Sport Website Updates

Funding 4 Sport is currently updating many areas within the subscription area of the website that is found within our ‘Funding Toolkit’ section of the website.

As well as updating our funding streams we have spent some time updating the Research and Insight area of our website and we will continue to develop this area further over the coming months.

Research and Insight is arguably the most important stage of developing and shaping a project, while also ensuring that any funding application has the greatest chance of success.

Before you create your project and apply for funding, it is vital that you understand the needs and demands of your local area. You will need to undertake research and insight into your local area, in order to demonstrate that your project will have an effect on the local community.

You should be aware that the depth of your research will depend on the amount you’re applying for and the funding sources evaluation criteria.

As part of our website therefore, we have;

  • Made an easy to use local insight tool.
  • Provided a number of websites and documents that provide useful research to support your bids
  • Provided relevant sport and physical activity data and statistics of the current participation levels, latent demand and the needs/demands of your target audience
  • Provided the latest Insight Packs
  • Provided much much more

To view this information subscribe to our website as and having done this click the ‘Funding Toolkit’ followed by Research and Insight.

If you have any further questions regarding sports funding contact Funding 4 Sport, email: [email protected]

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