Volunteering at the heart of new Sport England strategy

Sport England will spend up to £30 million to attract more volunteers in clubs and beyond

The major new plan, revealed as part of the strategyTowards an Active Nation, is designed to attract a new, more diverse range of volunteers as well as boost the overall number of people supporting sport and activity.

Volunteering forms the bedrock of the new strategy, which also outlines an extra £250m boost to tackle sport and activity.

As well as continuing to support people who already play sport, there will be a much greater emphasis on groups who are typically much less active such as women, disabled people and those from disadvantaged backgrounds.

The strategy will help deliver against the five health, social and economic outcomes set out in the Government’s Sporting Future strategy.

Key features of the new strategy are:

  • Investing up to £30m in a new volunteering strategy, enabling more people to get the benefits of volunteering and attracting a new, more diverse range of volunteers
  • Funding to get children and young people active from the age of five
  • Working with the sport sector to put customers at the heart of all they do, and using the principles of behaviour change to inform their work
  • Piloting new ways of working locally by investing in up to 10 places in England – a mix of urban and rural areas
  • Helping sport keep pace with the most up-to-date trends online
  • Working closely with governing bodies of sport and others who support people who already play regularly, to help them become more efficient, sustainable and diversify their sources of funding.

To find out more click here; Sport England’s new Strategy

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