Comic Relief Funding

Grants from £1,000 to £5,000 will support work where there is clear evidence of a sustained beneficial impact on people who are disadvantaged or excluded. Community groups, resident associations, community centres, social enterprises and credit union can apply.

They will fund community sport activities, community consultation exercises, community employment projects, running costs and committee or volunteer training.

Projects must address at least one of the following:

  • Improve people’s life skills, education, employability and enterprise
  • Improve economic wellbeing
  • Increase enterprise
  • Increase in beneficiary training, education, accreditation and employment
  • Increase participation in lifelong learning
  • Increase qualifications and skills
  • Maximise people’s ability to strengthen community cohesion and build social capacity
  • Increase qualifications and skills
  • Improve community cohesion
  • Improved community facilities
  • Promote safer communities
  • Reduce crime, violence and anti-social behaviour
  • Strengthen organisations through capacity building
  • Advance people’s physical and mental health, well-being and safety
  • Improve health (physical / mental / emotional)
  • Increase access to sport, exercise and leisure activities
  • Reduce substance misuse and addictions

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