Wooden Spoon

Wooden Spoon is The Children’s Charity of Rugby. They offer two types of funding;

Capital Project Funding
• Projects must have a minimum predicted life-span of five years, be non-transferrable and of a permanent nature.
• Fundable activities include extensions, equipment, activity aids, sensory rooms, playgrounds, transport
• Grants will not be considered for salaries, administration costs, professional fees and on-going overheads related to a capital project.
• Grants range from £10,000 to £100,000 and represent 25% – 100% of the total project costs

Community Project Funding
• Community projects focus on 2 areas of activity: education and disability rugby projects.
• Education projects- Wooden Spoon works in partnership with professional rugby clubs and specialist education providers, this centrally delivered programme supports disenfranchised young people back into education, employment or training.
• Disability Rugby projects- Wooden Spoon supports a range of disability rugby project types including: wheelchair rugby, special school tag rugby and is due to pilot a visual impairment project working with Action for Blind People.
Wooden Spoon can only make grants to organisations with a legal status, such as schools, charities or private members clubs, they cannot make grants to individuals.

To find out more click here; https://www.woodenspoon.org.uk/apply-for-funds

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