Grow The Game 2015

The ‘Grow the Game’ scheme aims to generate new teams through investments in local facilities. Funding applications will also be available for the 2015/16 season. Below is a list of the criteria for funding and priorities including timelines of when this is expected; please see the following criteria to get acquainted until the application forms are released:

Funding and Priorities:

  1. County FAs to receive an indicative figure of their element of the fund.
  2. Priority areas for funding being for new teams in the following areas:
    1. Boys U14+, transition e.g. from U16-U18, U18-U21 and male adult teams
    2. All new female teams from U7- adult teams, transition e.g. from U16-U18, U18-U21
    3. All new disability teams

3        Minimum of 1 team per application for £1,500.
Timelines 2015:

07 January – 18 February Application window

23 February – 06 March County FA comments (once applications are received)

09 March – 03 April Football Foundation Assessment

06 April – 10 April Football Foundation Consolidation

13 April – 17 April Notify County FA of Assessment Outcomes

01 May Notify Applicants
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