Extra money for Reaching Communities applicants

Community groups are so busy doing their day-to-day work that they have little time or money left for their staff and trustees to learn new skills or focus on long-term goals, grant holders have told us.

So Reaching Communities have decided to offer extra money to organisations who are applying to our Reaching Communities programme to help them develop their skills, knowledge and confidence.

This money is available for all stage two applicants to Reaching Communities and stage three applicants to Reaching Communities buildings. You can ask for up to 10 per cent of the grant you’re applying for – up to £15,000.

To find out more click here; http://bigblog.org.uk/2014/10/15/extra-money-for-rc-applicants/?utm_medium=email&utm_source=Big+Lottery+Fund&utm_campaign=4866431_England+ebulletin+October+2014&utm_content=RC%2520blog&dm_i=UH9,2WAYN,C2E8LL,AH9U9,1

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