Become a Better Coach, Tutor or Educator of Young People

Educator of Young People

A brand new, cutting-edge training course has been launched by NLP4Kids & Sport & Activity Professionals designed to help you become better at working with children in a number of ways and to improve your business prospects. It will not only help kids develop quicker and progress further but it will also mean that they become customers for longer with the added bonus of their parents readily recommending you to others. 

NLP4Kids and Sport & Activity Professionals have combined their expertise of working with children to bring you this course.  It will rapidly up-skill you, your staff or your franchisees and enable them to become advanced at working with young people of all ages using tried and tested NLP and hypnosis strategies.

These will give you a solid foundation of techniques that will enable you to improve as a coach, tutor, play-leader, educator or whatever role you do via a number of areas. These include:


  • Learn how to motivate yourself and crucially the young people in your programme
  • How to have a positive mind set and how to coach this to others, leading to better results/performance from them
  • Develop better engagement and rapport with young people to keep them in your programme
  • Communicate more effectively with kids, on their level
  • Improved ability to influence children
  • Enhance the learning of the child
  • Solve problems faster – identifying emotional issues/overcoming unconscious blocks
  • Tactics for dealing with a children’s behavioural issues
  • Improving the child’s confidence, self esteem & motivation
  • Increasing respect  & positive attitude
  • Improving performance & results
  • Stress & anxiety
  • Enhanced concentration
  • Controlling limiting beliefs
  • Generating positive mindset

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