All-Party Commission on Physical Activity calls for a national plan of action to get people active

The All-Party Commission on Physical Activity has today published a report which sets out the challenges the UK faces from physical inactivity.

The commission is directed by parliamentarians including Baroness Grey-Thompson, Gerry Sutcliffe, Barbara Keeley, Julian Huppert and Charlotte Leslie – all of whom have a strong track record of promoting sport and physical recreation in Westminster.

Tackling Physical Inactivity – A Coordinated Approach, is the first of two reports from the commission and focusses on five themes:

  • A national plan of action – calling for a cross-party and cross-sector national plan of action to target declining levels of physical activity.
  • Getting the message out – an innovative communications strategy to reach differing audiences.
  • Designing physical activity back in to our everyday lives – promoting active travel, active workplaces, and new infrastructure.
  • Making physical activity a lifelong habit – sparking children’s interest in physical activity in schools and making sure that lessons are Ofsted evaluated.
  • Proving success – proposing the need for measurement and evaluation of physical activity interventions.

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