Developing a national physical activity approach

More than 4 in 10 people don’t do enough physical activity to achieve good health. Public Health England would like to hear your views on the challenges and opportunities of encouraging physical activity, particularly across the 7 areas below, where changes could be made to support physical activity in local communities:

1. Social norms: for example, change ‘No ball games’ signs with ‘Please play here’

2. Technology: for example, publically useable electronic bike locks in public places

3. Economic: for example, funding for park keepers and play coordinators in each park

4. Environmental: for example, raising roads at all street junctions to calm traffic and prioritise pedestrians

5. Political: for example, pedestrians prioritised in all local planning decisions

6. Legal: for example, increased awareness and use of laws such as the Street Playgrounds Act 1938

7. Ethical: for example, all local areas to offer free activities to individuals on low income

Contributions will also be considered as response to ‘Moving More, Living More’, the government’s contribution to a national campaign for a more active nation.

Please email your responses to [email protected]

The deadline for responses to this stage is Friday 25th April 2014.

Due to the high volume of emails that may be received, they will not be able to provide individual feedback.

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