Archery Incentive Funding Scheme Open

In partnership with BUCS the development  of new university clubs and the support of existing university clubs is  a focus for Archery GB within the 2013-17 Whole Sport Plan.

University archery development has been  successful in recent years, with 46 affiliated clubs (as of April 2013)  and increasing attendance by archers at competitions. The work over the  upcoming academic year aims to provide further support and resource to  HE archery clubs.

The Archery GB Higher Education programme will include;

  • The formation of 10 new university clubs
  • The continuation of the new HE archery development group
  • An incentive funding scheme for existing university clubs to apply  for if they can demonstrate how they can increase the number of regular  archers

Throughout the programme Archery GB will work alongside clubs, universities, BUCS, Sport England and County Sport Partnerships.

As part of this programme, in  conjunction with BUCS, Archery GB is inviting applications for the  incentive funding scheme from all English affiliated university archery  clubs. Clubs applying for the funding will need to demonstrate how they  will use the funding to increase the number of regular archers shooting  once a week and/or retain existing regular archers shooting once a week.

Grants will be awarded in the region of  £200 – £1,200. Due to the limited amount of funds available, clubs are  expected to contribute a minimum of 25% of the total project cost as  match funding (this could be from club funds or other sources). Any  additional funding (cash or in-kind) from applicants, other  organisations or other grant awarding bodies is encouraged.

Clubs may  join together to make an application and this in some instances is  encouraged. Examples of items that can be funded  include non-personal equipment purchase or hire, training coaches and/or  volunteers; venue hire; volunteer activities. The first round of this  scheme is open until Friday 13th December and further information on how  to apply, including the application form, can be found by clicking here


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