Grants to Help Disadvantaged Young People Participate in Sports (UK)

Disadvantaged young people under the age of 18 who do not have the financial means to participate in sport can apply for financial support from the Dickie Bird Foundation. The foundation aims to help disadvantaged young people to participate to the best of their ability in the sport of their choice irrespective of their social circumstances, culture or ethnicity.

The Foundation grants can help with the cost of clothing and equipment and make a small contribution towards travel expenses within theUK. For example, this includes travel expenses to and from training within theUK, as well as equipment such as bats, racquets, sticks, fencing swords, bows and arrows, and the protective items needed for that particular sport. The Foundation will only accept applications from individuals not organisations. Applications can be submitted at any time and will be considered at Trustees meeting in February, April, June, August, October and December.

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