Sport England’s Funding Sport in the Community

Funding sport in the community sets out how Sport England will focus their investment on grassroots organisations and projects that can deliver the key outcomes of their overall strategy – ‘grow, sustain and excel’; Sport England Strategy

From April 2009, they will be accepting applications to these four funding streams worth a maximum of £45 million per year:
• Up to £30 million will be invested via regular themed funding rounds that meet specific needs of community sport
• £7 million will be available in small grants of between £300 and £10,000 to support sporting projects across England
• £3 million will be distributed through Sportsmatch, enabling community clubs to make the most of the funding they receive from the private sector by matching that investment
• £5 million will be invested, through a new Innovation Fund, in projects that identify and pilot new ways of promoting and supporting grassroots sport.

To find out more click here; Funding Sport in the Community Press Release

To view the Funding Sport in the Community Strategy click here; Funding Sport in the Community Strategy

CCPR Policy Update; CCPR Policy Update

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