Awards for All

Here is a good You Tube video from Awards for All explaining this popular funding stream, including the types of things it will fund, who is eligible and the outcomes your projects must achieve. To view this click here; To view a case study of a successful applicant of Awards for All click here; High Oak [...]

Funding for Outdoor Sport and Play using section 106 housing developer contributions/ Community Infrastructure Levy

Section 106 Agreements are sometimes entered into with housing developers to fund sport and play. The methods for collecting such monies are based on existing supplementary planning documentation from Council linked to Local Development Frameworks. This means that the amounts collected and the items/projects on which the monies can be spent can vary throughout areas. [...]

Youth Sport Trust launches manifesto for PE and school sport

Youth Sport Trust (YST) has launched its manifesto for PE and school sport ahead of the 2015 general election, hoping that it will be used as a blueprint by the new government to improve the lives of young people. The manifesto identifies three key areas and asks for a joined-up, cross departmental approach to PE [...]

Grow The Game 2015

The ‘Grow the Game’ scheme aims to generate new teams through investments in local facilities. Funding applications will also be available for the 2015/16 season. Below is a list of the criteria for funding and priorities including timelines of when this is expected; please see the following criteria to get acquainted until the application forms [...]