General Election 2015: What’s in it for sport and recreation?

On this page we look at Sport and Recreation Alliances website ( that taking a closer look at what the political parties have to say on policy related to sport and recreation. To kick things off, their policy team have combed through the manifestos of the Convervative, Labour, Liberal Democrats, Green Party, UKIP and Plaid Cymru to [...]

Community amateur sports clubs

This month, HMRC have issued new guidance for CASCs (community amateur sports clubs). There are changes in the following: increases in exemptions the new income limit condition the requirement that CASCs have 50% participating members travelling and subsistence expenses payments to players restrictions on the level of membership costs For more information click here;

Council sports budgets cut by £42m

More than £42m has been axed from councils’ sports and leisure budgets since 2010, a BBC survey has revealed. Among the regions which saw the biggest losses were London and north-west England, which saw cuts of more than £12.3m. To find out more, click here;

If I were Prime Minister: Sports Funding would be used to help disadvantaged young people

The current funding arrangement suits the middle classes very well but rather like child benefit, would it not be better targeted to those most in need? To read this article click here;