Deregulation Bill could mean simpler alcohol licence for sports clubs

The Deregulation Bill, currently about to start its passage through the House of Lords, is a wide ranging Bill introduced by the Government to tidy up and update old bits and bobs of legislation which are either out of date or redundant. Many of the changes in the Bill are a result of the Government’s [...]

Weigh children every year at school to stop them getting fat, says new head of Commons health committee

Children should be weighed every year in primary school to stop them getting fat, according to the head of the Commons health committee. To read more click here;

Top 10 free summer holiday sports activities for kids

The schools will soon be out and keeping kids entertained during the summer holidays can be challenging, not to mention expensive. The Sport and Recreation Alliance has compiled the Top 10 free summer holiday sport and recreation activities for kids by putting together a list of ten great free sport and recreation activities that kids (and [...]

Funding Boost for Primary School PE

Extra funding is to be made available to double the number of physical education (PE) specialists working in primary schools in England. To find out more click here;